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AutoCAL Ambient Temperature Setup:

The ROPEX Resistron AutoCAL function has many variables that must be considered carefully during the qualification of a heat-sealing machine (example: IOQ), and development of the heat-sealing process (example DOE or PQ).

Drift of Actual Temperature:

Does your system’s actual (ambient) temperature drift or change even though the room temperature is constant? This can occur if:

  • The AutoCAL is executed with the heat-seal jaws open.

  • The band is not in uniform contact with the heat-seal bar during the AutoCAL.

  • The percentage of band to bar contact changes.

  • The operating voltage does not match the heating element, or the configuration is incorrect.

If the bar has cooling, or builds up residual heat, or dissipates residual heat over time, the above factors will alter the displayed temperature.

With an ideal system, you should be able to return the heat-seal band resting temperature to the predetermined controller ambient reference temperature.

Execute AutoCAL:

  • Place TC on heat-seal band:

  • Above or below the heat-seal band Cover-Strip? The TC position/location should be nominated and used for all future verification/measurements.

  • If only one TC is used for double sided heat, place TC on Cover-Strip on either the lower or upper bar (Note: both the lower and upper Cover-Strip materials should be the same/equivalent thickness and composition).

  • If two TCs are used for double-sided heat, place the TC on, or under, the Cover-Strip. Adhere TC to the heat-seal band with the (TC) thermocouple junction centered about the heat-seal band.

  • Close heat-seal jaw bars (this can be at low pressure).

  • Turn-on bar cooling and allow bar temperature to stabilize.

  • Set AutoCAL reference temperature (per TC recorded temperature) … example 20°C.

  • Execute AutoCAL with jaw bars closed (for each bar).

Next... Review TCR Correction Procedure.


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